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Brand Chemistry & Authenticity: Attracting the Right Clients

By Yvonne Ivanescu

Brand Chemistry & Authenticity: Attracting the Right Clients Laura Beauparlant

If you are selling a product, you are selling a commodity. And in the end, you are most likely selling the same thing every other company is selling. So why should people buy from you? When you build a brand you are building the impression that you give people. If you don’t have a brand, people can’t connect with you, they can’t trust you and they probably won’t buy from you.

It takes six to eight times for somebody to see you before they’re likely to buy.

In this episode, Laura and I talk about how to build a connection with your audience and clients by being your best authentic self, creating a brand that deeply aligns with you and the clients/customers you want to work with, the importance of mindset and how to share the essence of who you are.


According to Laura, a brand is you — you are the brand, the person behind it, the feeling, the experience — that’s what the brand is. Part of that is the product or service that you offer. It’s your personality. It’s how you do what you do. Branding is what you put out into the world — that’s your messaging, your visuals & your logo.

Now, these two things need to be in harmony with each other. They need to be aligned. But the brand is more about the experience and branding is the expression of that. 

Why is this important? It is so important because it is the impression that you give people. If you don’t have a brand, people can’t connect with you.

If you don’t have a brand, then what makes you unique? What allows you to connect with your audience?

There is so much noise and there’s so much content being put out there. So if you look and sound like everybody else, or you’re generic and saying the same thing other people are saying, then you will not be able t stand out. 

Laura believes that it is all about creating a heart-to-heart connection with your audience rather than a brain-to-brain connection. 


Laura likes to relate brand chemistry to baking. In baking, it is all about chemistry. In cooking you can make things up — you can add an extra ingredient and it won’t mess anything up. But baking is less forgiving. It is a science and there is chemistry to it. You have to have the right ingredients, the right proportions, mix things in at the right time, set the right temperatures, and so on. 

It is the same with branding. You need the right ingredients. You need to have your own recipe and your own secret ingredient. And you have to put all of these things together in the right way, in the right order, and at the right time to create chemistry with your audience. 

Many businesses are missing that opportunity to connect with their audience and create a heart-to-heart connection. The word authenticity is thrown around a lot, but it’s important for business owners and entrepreneurs to really connect with who they are; who they want to be; what kind of business they want to have; and what kind of clients they want to work with so that they’re not trying to be something that they’re not.

When entrepreneurs put themselves out there; when they are visible and share themselves and their true personality; when they don’t hide behind lingo and things that other people expect from them, that is when they will start to be able to connect themselves with the right people. The key is to show up authentically


When you create that chemistry with people, it’s letting them know little things about you. It’s about sharing the real you. Now, don’t want to misconstrue this with vulnerability.

Authenticity and visibility do not necessarily equal vulnerability. If you want to show up in an authentic way, you do not necessarily need to show your vulnerability. A lot of people confuse this and what ends up happening is that they end up sharing whatever disasters are currently happening in their life with their online audience.  

And that can do so much harm. It really can. Laura believes that entrepreneurs need to so “teach from your scars, not from your wounds.” Just because you have a vulnerable story, something that is happening in your life, it may not be the time to share it publicly. Have your confidence, have the people that you vent to and cry to. And all of that. That isn’t the social media is not the place to do that.

When Laura talks about vulnerability, she believes that you should be sharing the lessons you learned from that crappy thing that happened to you, but not sharing it at the moment because you haven’t learned the lessons from it. 



▶ Who do I really love working with? If you’ve been in business for a while, it’s looking at the clients you’ve already had or have, and ask yourself: are these the clients I want?

▶ If the answer is no, then what you need to do is to really look at what is it you’re saying or doing that is attracting those clients. And how you can shift. 

▶ What are the values of the clients that you want to work with? 

Awareness is your best teacher. 


Laura and I dive a little deeper into these three questions and how entrepreneurs can really understand their brand foundations and how they can gain clarity and confidence when they are building their brand. 

Hit play on the episode above for the full conversation on brand chemistry, learning the importance of connection and authenticity when building a brand as well as a robust conversation on building a brand that is future-proof. 



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