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Hi, my name is Yvonne Ivanescu, let me tell you a little bit about myself…


I started out with a dream of becoming a journalist. I was the editor at my high school’s newspaper and then started freelancing for a number of different publications. I also attended journalism school at Sciences Po, Paris.

When I moved to Brussels, I pivoted freelancing into social media and content marketing. Since entering into the world of marketing, I have been able to work with clients like Jamesons Whiskey, Dragone, Nespresso, Neil Patel, Exposure Ninja, Bridgestone Tires, The European Commission, Visit Brussels, Visit Northern Ireland, and The Hotel.

When I decided to launch my own product-based brand, I pivoted once again into branding. My academic background coupled with my vast experience in content writing and marketing provided me with a strong foundation in establishing myself as a brand strategist.


I hold a doctorate from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, which I completed in 2020. My thesis focused on questions surrounding business development and community-based tourism, specifically looking at Brazil.


Merging Market with Community: Balancing Community Development and Commercial Viability within Community Based Tourism Projects, A Possibility? Lessons from Brazil.


VISITING LECTURER Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil (2016)

Taught a week-long [12 hours total] Winter Course to a class of 10 USP students called: Social Media Marketing for Tourism: How to Create an Effective Facebook Strategy.


Almeida, S., Ivanescu, Y., & Campos, A. C. (2020). The Content’S Magic In A Digital Strategy For The Hotel Sector–Case Study Of The Hotel. Economic Science, education and the real economy: Development and interactions in the digital age, (1), 291-296.

Duignan, M., & Ivanescu, Y. (2017). Rio’s Olympic Legacy: How has the city fared?. The Conversation.

Kitchen, T., & Ivanescu, Y. (2015). Profitable Social Media Marketing: How to Grow Your Business Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and More. Seattle, WA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Almeida, S., Ivanescu, Y., (2021) Creating an Online Brand Identity: The Case of the Hotel. In IGI Global. Impact of New Media in Tourism.

Creating an Online Brand Identity: The Case of the Hotel

 A case study was conducted on The Hotel, a luxury hotel located in Brussels, as a way to discuss the importance of the application of digital strategies in building hotel brand identity using a co-creation approach to the process. The chapter also highlights the tools used to communicate the identity and the resulting impacts on the performance of The Hotel.

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